Encourage Yourself

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Life is a beautiful journey. But let’s get real for a minute. Life gets us down sometimes, it gets hard. We cannot let our worries and troubles get the best of us. We must fight back, we must be our own best friend and life coach. Believe it or not, you have all the tools you need to continually encourage yourself on a daily basis to be your best you yet. There are several ways of encouraging yourself, so let’s dive right in.

If you have no one to encourage you, instead of using that as an excuse for failure, ENCOURAGE YOURSELF and use THAT as a reason why you MUST succeed. - Kevin Ngo

Positive Self Talk

We talk to ourselves all day, whether we admit it or not. Yours is your mind’s most heard voice. You have the power to literally program your mind to perform in whatever way you choose. Absolutely anything you set out to do in life begins with a thought. So it is of utmost importance that we guard our thoughts. So many of us tend to have negative self talk throughout the day, some of us more than others. We should always speak to ourselves in a way that we would want others to speak to us. Positive self talk is a habit that can be formed. What I would like you to do is make a list of positive self statements. You can write this and “I am…..” or “You are…..” Either form works, you do whichever feels natural to you. Examples from my personal positive self statement list are, “I am enough”, “I am strong”, “I love to exercise on a regular basis”, “I love to drink pure fresh water throughout the day” These are just a few, I have more than one page full! You include those that you know you most need to hear. Then, once you have your list, read it. I read some of mine each and every morning first thing. I also pick one statement out each day and set a few reminders on my phone to go off every few hours so the words pop up on my screen to remind me. You can even keep your list stored on your phone so that if you are having a difficult day, you can pull up your list and read and encourage yourself. One last thing you can do with your self statements is write some on post it notes and stick them up around your house, office, even in your car. Put them anywhere you want to see them to remind you that you are awesome and you are going to kick today’s butt!

Uplifting Videos

This is one of my favorite ways to encourage myself. You can use all sorts of videos. Everything from motivational videos you can look up on youtube to an old comedic sitcom will work. You can begin your day with a video. Or play one (audio only) during your commute to work. Basically anything that will get you feeling uplifted or get a good chuckle out of you will do wonders in the way of encouraging you.

Encouraging People

Surround yourself with encouraging people. Now, ultimately the responsibility of encouraging you falls upon you, it is not their job. But, that being said, it helps so much to be surrounded by content and encouraging people. My grandmother always said “You are who you hang around with” and “People can tell what kind of person you are by the looking at your friends”. And you know what, she was right! If are constantly surrounded by negative Nancys and complaining Cathys, guess what, you are going to be negative and complaining. It will be hard for you to be encouraging to yourself or anyone. However, if you surround yourself with happy, joyful, encouraging people, it will rub off on you. Perhaps you will see them go through a struggle while doing so, be able to see the positive side of the situation. Their contentedness, joyful and encouraging ways will rub off on you.

In conclusion, just be mindful of small achievements and give yourself that attaboy that you deserve. Celebrate any and all progress toward your goals. Put up reminders for yourself if you need to, little quotes or statements on post-its around your house or workplace work great. Remember, we must be our own coach, cheerleader and best friend.

What are some ways that you encourage yourself? Let us know below.

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