Happy Life Tip: Homemade De-Icer Spray for Your Car

Kelli Tellez

Has this season's ice begun to ruin your mornings?

It is so hard to get moving on these cold, icy mornings. Our warm and cozy beds seem to beckon us to just stay  a while longer. To make matters worse, once we finally brave the elements and get outside, we find our car covered in ice. 

Of course you can let your car run for 15 minutes to aid in melting the ice. But to be honest, on many mornings, we just don't have the time to do that. Not to mention, all of the gas that we use each morning while we allow our cars to run in order to melt the ice. 

Rubbing alcohol + Water + De-icer

The Recipe:

2 Parts Rubbing Alcohol

1 Part Water

All that you need to do is combine the 2 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water and put the mixture into a spray bottle. Simply spray the windshield well. Then, wait. Depending on the thickness of the ice on the windshield, it may melt with no need for scraping at all. If you have extra thick ice, you may need to lightly scrape or apply a second coating of the homemade de-icer. 

Prevent Ice Formation

You can also get ahead of ice formation by doing something pretty simple the night before. A great method for preventing ice formation is by using something that our road crews use all the time. Salt! No, don't go sprinkling salt all over your car. What you need to do is dissolve one tablespoon of salt into about a quart of water and soak some large rags or a towel or two in the mixture. Make sure you have enough fabric to cover your windshield. As you remove the towels from the water, be sure to wring out all of the excess water mixture. Place the towels over your windshields. You can use the windshield wipers to secure the towels to the windshields so that they don't fall off. The salt that we put into the mixture, will help prevent ice from forming on your windshield and the towels are easily removed come morning! I store my wet towels in a plastic bag and reuse them the following night, resoaking them in new mixture each night.

I hope these tips help you to have a much smoother morning!

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  • Thank you very much Linda and Jamey. I’m so glad you all enjoyed this post.


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