Thanksgiving Recovery

Thanksgiving is a day usually spent with family. Whether we spent it sitting around the dinner table enjoying all those buttery potatoes, greasy gravys, and rich casseroles or if we spent most of the day sitting around the television watching the football games and having drinks, we most likely indulged on a few more things than we should have. It is delicious after all. We go into the day with the best of intentions. I will only have a nibble of this or that or maybe I won't even eat certain things this year. But then meal time rolls around and all these beautiful, delicious dishes are sitting around us, the scents permeate the room and we are reeled back in once again. Next thing you know we are taking our belt out another notch or slipping into sweats so our bellies can expand. Overindulging at holiday meals can leave us feeling bloated, uncomfortable or even downright irritable afterwards. Don’t be too negative or hard on yourself, however. What’s done is done and now we must do a bit of damage control and move on. Below are a few simple tips to do the day after Thanksgiving or other large holiday meals to make you feel all better.

Cartoon turkey standing on scales. Text says: Don't forget to set your scales back 10 lbs tonight!

Commit to Getting Back on Track

Right now, decide to get back on track (whatever that is for you). You may be on a special eating plan or you may be eating just whatever but in much smaller portions than yesterday. Commit right now to getting back on track. Don't wait until Monday or bad habits may start to creep back in by then and snowball out of control. We definitely don’t want that right now with all of the potential holiday meals that are in our near future. Thanksgiving is but the first of several large holiday meals that are coming over the next six weeks or so.

Eat Like It’s A Normal Day

It is so very tempting to scale back, way back, and eat a lot less to compensate for all the extra calories we took in the day before. However, this can often do more damage than good. If you eat very little then you are prone to more hunger and the tummy growling and then giving in and overdoing it with a huge pile of Thanksgiving leftovers. And we don’t want that! So, the best thing to do is treat today like any other day and eat normal sized healthy meals. It will be just what your body needs to get back into the swing of things.

Avoid Hard To Digest Foods

If you are dealing with digestive distress of any kind from the foods you ate, then it is very important to give your body time to digest and heal and you can help it do just that by avoiding any hard to digest foods. This means avoiding dairy foods (such as milk and cheese), coffee, refined sugars, carbonated beverages and highly acidic foods.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water has been proven to help deal with digestive issues. Not to mention, it is a healthy habit to form for all year round. Drinking water helps us to feel fuller and will reduce the chances of us overeating. It keeps us hydrated, feeling younger, more rested and just all around feeling better. You can find some awesome water bottles here and here. They are my favorites. So, if you are not in the habit of drinking lots of water, work hard on forming this habit now and you won’t be sorry.

Get Moving

Right now you are still feeling the effects from yesterday's indulging and slipping into your workout gear and heading to the gym is probably the furthest thing from your mind. We all seem to want to just hibernate the day after a huge meal but that is one of the worst things you could do. Get moving! Go for a walk. Head to the gym for a quick sweat session. Try out some yoga. Exercise and sweating of any kind has been proven to help ease tummy troubles, and will help prevent you from totally falling off the health wagon during this upcoming holiday season full of meals. Plus, exercise is also a mood booster and anxiety release. Click here to check out this sale on all my fitness gear. So what are you waiting for? Get moving. Wait until you finish this article though.

Change Your Attitude

Having a negative attitude about overeating yesterday can totally derail your healthy habits. Don’t let it get you down. Positive thinking is key to getting you over this hump. Remember that you have the power to get yourself back on track and you will do just that. Remind yourself why you want to be healthy. Remind yourself of your healthy habits and goals and you will be back on track in no time.

Thanksgiving and other holiday meals are a wonderful time with family and friends and good food. Try to stay active throughout the year, especially during this season and drink tons of water. Make the best food choices that you can and know that when you do slip up and eat a little bit or a lot of what you shouldn’t that all is not lost and you can just hop right back onto the healthy wagon and get going. Warm and healthy wishes to you all this holiday season and beyond.

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