5 Piece Facial Cleansing System

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5 Piece Facial Cleansing System
5 Piece Facial Cleansing System

When was the last time you got a super clean face wash? We mean, really cleaned your face? No doubt you wash your beautiful face every morning and every night, perhaps with a cleansing cream, or maybe even (heaven forbid!) soap. But washing alone does not boost your circulation, deep-cleanse your pores, or give your skin that natural glow. With this Facial Cleansing Brush Kit, you'll discover super clean, soft, radiant and healthier looking skin in less than 60 seconds. How can you resist?


  •  2 speeds--high and low
  •  Removes more makeup, dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone • Cleanses and massages your face and body
  •  Helps rid pores of buildup • Minimizes inflammation and the appearance of blackheads 
  • Heads for treating dry skin, cleanser application, and boosting circulation • For daily use on all skin types 
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) • Compact design • Measures 5” x 1” x 4” • Weighs 4oz 


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